Caterpillar Gear Pump

Caterpillar Gear Pump

As a dealer of Caterpillar Gear Pump, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best gear pump solutions available on the market. Caterpillar is a reputable manufacturer of heavy-duty equipment that can handle even the most demanding of jobs, and their gear pumps are no exception.

Our team of experienced professionals understands the importance of having reliable equipment, and we pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest quality gear pump technology available. We have a wide range of Caterpillar gear pumps to fit any application, from agriculture to construction and more.

Our team works closely with our clients to identify their specific requirements and provide expert advice and support in choosing the most suitable gear pump for their needs. We also offer installation and maintenance services to ensure that our clients’ equipment operates efficiently and effectively.

At our dealership, we prioritize quality and reliability. We recognize that our clients rely on their gear pumps to get the job done, and we are committed to offering them the best gear pump technology available.

If you require a new gear pump or need professional advice and support, please contact us to learn more about our Caterpillar gear pump options and how we can help you meet your equipment needs.



🗹 General bushings for long service life
🗹 Large variety of controls
🗹 Pressure balanced thrust plate for high effi
🗹 Low noise level
🗹 Multiple sections available

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PGP640 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PGP330 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PGP130 Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – PGP505 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – SG102 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PGP610 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PGP620 Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – PGP505H Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – PGP511 Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – PGP511H Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – PGP517H Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – PGP523H Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – PGP529H Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PGP315 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PGP350 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PGP365 Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – D Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – H Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – HD Series

Parker Aluminum Pumps – PGG Series

Parker Iron and Aluminum Pumps – P16 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – C101/C102 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – G101/G102 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PG020 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PG031 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PG051 Series

Parker Cast Iron Pumps – PG076 Series


NN Hydraulic India has become the world leader in hydrostatic transmissions based on high performance cam-lobe radial-piston motors. Beyond our off-road vehicle market expertise, today we offer innovative solutions through hydraulic hybridations.

  • Construction & Earthmoving
  • Cement Plant
  • Forestry
  • Plastic Injection Moulding
  • Mining
  • Ship & Marine
  • Steel Plant
  • Sugar Plant

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