Danfoss shhark® aluminum low noise gear pump Gr 2

Danfoss shhark® aluminum low noise gear pump Gr 2

The Danfoss shhark® achieves the same reduction of flow pulsation, but in a totally different way. As illustrated below, for the same outer diameter, shhark® gears feature almost twice the number of teeth of a standard gear pump, thanks to a revolutionary asymmetric tooth profile design. Moreover, the shhark® teeth are also slightly helical; the small helix angle does not generate any additional radial and axial load but makes the flow characteristic smoother, further reducing the flow pulsation.



🗹 Noise level emissions reduced up to 10 dB(A)
🗹 Low noise performance guaranteed throughout the whole life of the pump
🗹 Low vibration, flow pulsation reduced by a stunning 78% compared to a standard gear pump
🗹 Noise emitted at low frequency, resulting in high sound quality
🗹 Rated pressure up to 250 bar
🗹 Operating speed up to 4000 rpm
🗹 Helps to meet legal NVH requirements
🗹 Compact and lightweight
🗹 Available with integral relief valve

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