Rexroth High Torque Vane Motor Series MV037

Rexroth High Torque Vane Motor Series MV037

The MV037 series motors are hydraulically balanced internally and therefore no significant radial loads are induced on the motor bearings which contribute to long service life.

The motor can be configured with various bearing options to accommodate external radial and axial loading. This data sheet details standard motors



πŸ—Ή Long service life
πŸ—Ή Up to 450 HP (336 kW)
πŸ—Ή High power-to-weight ratio
πŸ—Ή Speed to 1000 RPM continuous
πŸ—Ή High reliability in demanding applications
πŸ—Ή Customizable for direct drive applications
πŸ—Ή Can conform to SAE ‘D’ mounting specification
πŸ—Ή Starting and stall torques up to 94% of theoretical torque
πŸ—Ή Six fixed displacement rotating groups ranging from 12 in3 to 37 in3 (197 cm3/rev to 606 cm3/rev)
πŸ—Ή Double stack motors using two ports with displacement from 64 in3 to 74 in3 (1049 cm3/rev to 1213 cm3/rev)
πŸ—Ή 4-port motors from 24 in3 to 74 in3 (393 cm3/rev to 1213 cm3/rev) capable of two-speed operation with external valvingΒ 

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